Cross Channel Insights

Developed by a team of attribution veterans, Conversion Logic’s SaaS platform is designed for CMOs, brand leads and media practitioners who need to make fast and accurate decisions in managing their multi-channel media campaigns around the world. Conversion Logic’s independent, agnostic technology provides actionable insights in real time, enabling clients to rapidly adapt to a changing media landscape.


Accelerated Insights

Fast and reliable algorithms that meet real-time marketing efforts and needs

Media Agnostic

Independent company, untethered from any media influences

Practitioner's Platform

SaaS designed for CMOs, brand and media leads, providing unsurpassed usability

Advancing Attribution Science


Advanced Machine Learning

Conversion Logic is rooted in an algorithmic approach that leverages machine learning methods taking in data at the most granular level.  The advanced approach accounts for higher order interaction, examining the efficiency relationship between touch points.   

Model Training

Conversion Logic leverages an ensemble approach, refining the methodology for each client by training and testing multiple advanced methods on client’s train and validation sets.  The result is a pre-tested, proven model that best aligns with each client's business needs.


Higher Order Interactions

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 5.04.51 PM.png


The contribution of a touch point or attribute is modeled independently and in conjunction with other touch points or attributes.


Understanding the relationship, whether it be channel to channel, publisher to creative, or any number of combinations, delivers more actionable attribution results.


Helps answer questions such as the incremental lift of channels independently, but also in the presence of, as well as in conjunction with, other touch points.