Attribution Evolved

Cloud Analytics + Machine Learning for Enterprise Marketers

XC Logic® provides actionable attribution insights for performance and brand marketers with precise, timely optimization decisions. Data-driven CMOs, marketing analytics practitioners, and media planners all rely on this intelligence layer to increase media efficiency, identify areas of scale and enhance customer targeting.

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 How We Help Our Clients

Our XC Logic® Platform helps address multiple challenges for our clients. A few are mentioned here:

The Conversion Logic Difference

Conversion Logic’s performance and brand marketing veterans leverage best-in-market technology and science to provide timely, actionable insights.

  • Industry Experts Industry Experts

    Industry Experts

    Decade of cross-channel experience, with rich attribution roots.

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  • Ensemble Method Ensemble Method

    Ensemble Method

    Adaptable & Transparent Methodology.

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  • Practitioner's Platform Practitioner's Platform

    Practitioner's Platform

    Powerful, agile, and easy to use UI for insights to optimize media spend.

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  • Unbiased Results Unbiased Results

    Unbiased Results

    Independent from any media influence for objective results.

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  • Timely Insights Timely Insights

    Timely Insights

    Timely collection, analysis and processing helps facilitate closed loop optimization.

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Your Guide to Marketing Attribution and Media Strategy

Data-Driven Optimization: A Guide to Attribution and Media Strategy, co-created by Conversion Logic and Rise Interactive, offers comprehensive insight on all things attribution. Covering both technology and agency-side implementation, this ebook includes:

  • 3 steps to attribution readiness
  • How to successfully kick off and run an attribution program
  • The difference between MMM and attribution, and which one is right for your business
  • The role of attribution in media strategy and optimization
  • How to realize 30-50% gains and see ROI in the first 90 days of your attribution initiative

Marketers are overwhelmed with options, channels, publishers, days, day parts, creative formats; the list is endless. Utilizing multiple channels also leads to multitude of reports and metrics. Conversion Logic’s XC Logic® Platform helps understand what’s working.

  • A single source of truth for all your strategic and tactical marketing planning and budgeting
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface for effective reporting and in-flight optimization
  • Uncover ways to cut waste, scale and establish testing structures with support from an experienced team
  • Methodology that adapts to your organizations’ changing needs, be it seasonality effects, new geography or products

Media practitioners rely on a number of tools to help their clients be successful. They have to sift through massive amounts of data in multiple formats for reporting and to find meaningful insights. Conversion Logic’s XC Logic® Platform provides actionable insights to make in-flight optimization possible.

  • Cross-channel reports mapped to the most important business Key Performance Indicators of your clients
  • Channel dashboards providing tactical insights at lowest level of granularity
  • Leverage impactful attribution insights to add value to client relationships and their transformation
  • Closed loop integration with your media buying programmatic platforms to automate optimization

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