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Conversion Logic is committed to client success.

The XC Logic® platform adapts to each unique customer problem and industry, driving meaningful business results to improve marketing ROI by 30 -50%. 

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Marketing performance is critical for all companies to quantify return on advertising spend. Current client verticals include:

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Case Studies

Direct marketing company improves media efficiency with holistic, cross-channel attribution

Achieves a single source of data and efficiencies across vendors and channels

Challenge :

Wanted to find waste in marketing programs; Lacked holistic view into channel and vendor performance

Results :
  • Target CPO: Improved affiliate program CPO by 47% and SEM program CPO by 46%
  • Path Insights: Established relationship between stages of the customer path and relevant channels, with tactical insights to increase reach and cut waste
  • Vendor Performance: Identified 11 vendors with below average performance to decrease spend and drive ROI improvement

Specialty apparel e-retailer increases TV media efficiency by tactical optimizations, despite seasonal fluctuations

Challenge :

Implementation of measurement platform to provide tactical TV optimization during critical Q4 period

Results :
  • Optimized Marketing Mix: poorly performing stations (five) and creatives (two) taken out of rotation to increase ROI
  • Creative Insights: determined long-form creative had limited impact on order volume and recommended shift to short form – resulted in savings of $1M / month in media spend and overall increase of 22% in ROAS

Mobile gaming company reduces cost per install through optimized TV-to-web conversions

Challenge :

Manual, heuristic attribution model was no longer providing direction for multi-million dollar TV campaign; required more sophisticated approach to drive tactical optimization

Results :
  • Lower Cost-Per-Install: reduced CPI 74% and optimized spend – reducing oversaturation, cutting under-performing creative and adjusting rotation to reach CPI
  • Deep Market Type Analysis: new insights across different types of packages from local / national cable, satellite and syndication
  • Improved CPA, CPI and lift – hit target install numbers and spend limits