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Get a unified approach to attribution leveraging Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) + Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

Conversion Logic Marketing Attribution Platform

Learn how Conversion Logic’s cutting-edge technology and machine learning translate to deeper data-driven insights, predictability, and most importantly, optimized results across your marketing channels.

You’ll see how the XC Logic® measurement platform helps you:

  • Gain a holistic view into what’s working and what’s not across channels
  • Dig deeper into channel and vendor optimizations
  • Perfect the customer journey via cloud analytics and robust integrations
  • Use customer path analysis to create your brand’s optimal media mix
  • Simulate return on your media investments

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We chose Conversion Logic because of their experience in the market, superior science, and close, collaborative working relationship. With Conversion Logic, we can understand impact and lift across and between all of our advertising channels.”

Dan Williams, Chief Revenue Officer

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